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Firstly thank you for completing my poll, your answers give me real insight into what I should and shouldn't offer in my collection.

I'm doing this as i will soon be putting my new startup up onto Kickstarter a crowdfunding website where you can pledge to make the company happen. What i need from you is your opinions so that i have a better chance of being funded and beginning my venture.

The clothing style is punk geek, i understand that the style is not for everyone and that's absolutely fine but it would be great to get opinions from everyone. The majority of the line is womens clothing but there will be mens pieces available too for the male pledger :) So feedback on both would be really appreciated! 

Thanks again!

This is the graphic for my Kickstarter page. It features among many other product pages hoping for a to get funded, what do you think?
What do you think is a reasonable amount to ask for someone to pledge to receive an item from the collection. (The most common amount is £25)
Would you suggest any of these items to your friends who share a similar style to the collection?

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