Your cafe choice

This survey has been created to discover tendencies and preferences that lie within the choise of  a cafe. We would like to know what influences people to choose one restaurant instead of the other, what are the key factors of attracting, sattisfying and retaining a customer (when answering these questions focus more on dessert selling cafes if it is possible).

Do you find these qualities important when choosing a café?
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Do you prefer sofas over chairs?
You prefer music when it’s loud?
Low prices
Variety of food choices (chocolate, pastries)
Quality of the Food
Wi-Fi Accessibility
Fast service
Popularity (crowded)
How much importance do you give to the following factors when purchasing, ordering or eating/ drinkingfood?
Verry importatntImportantNeutralLess importantNone
Flavor/ Taste
Image/ Looks
What is your age group?
What is your gender?
How often do you visit these food serving places?
DailyWeeklyMonthlySeveral times a yearNever
Fast food restaurant
Casual dining restaurant
Fine dining restaurant
Do you prefer large, national chain cafes or small, privately owned coffee shops?
Do discounts have an impact on your café choice?
At what time of the day do you usually visit a café/ restaurant?
Which of these info sources has the most power over your café choices?
How important it is for you that café has one of the followings?
Very importantImportantNeutralLess importantNot important at all
Vegetarian food
Vegan food
Sugar-free food
Decaf coffee
Gluten free food
Which of these unusual flavors suits your taste the most?
Which of these promotional sales you find most effective?
Very effectiveEffectiveNeurtalLess effectiveNot effective at all
Flash sales
Buy one get one free’/ special offers
Coupons or discounts
Giveaways or free samples