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Negotiating survey

I am studying at Vilnius University and writing master work about business culture. An effort is being made to learn more about international negotiating and negotiating techniques. Because of your international negotiating experience, your knowledge can help others to improve their skills. Please answer all the questions as completely and accurately as possible. Be assured that your replies will remain confidential. Thank you for your help. At the end of the questionnare, please press "Gerai".

Bauen, Baugewerbe, Renovierung

Studierende des Studiengangs Master of Business Administration and Management, International Business von der Universität Vilnius in Litauen führen eine Marktumfrage durch. Ziel dieser Umfrage ist es, herauszufinden, wie Deutsche sich über die Themen Bauen, Baugewerbe, Renovierung, usw. informieren und beraten lassen, welche Quellen sie nutzen um ihr eigenes Zuhause zu gestalten. Ihre ehrlichen, offenen und anonymen Antworten würden zu einem repräsentativen Umfrageergebnis beitragen. Wir danken für ihre Antworten!

Research of Lithuanian Image

My name is Karolina. Now I am writing my master thesis, the topic is: „Tourism in Lithuania“. With relation to my master thesis i am doing RESEARCH OF LITHUANIAN IMAGE. With the help of this research i would like to found out, what should be done in order to increase number of tourists in Lithuania. Thank you very much for your help!!!! If you can, please send this link to your friends, it would help me very much!! ...........NOTES------- -PLEASE when you end filling questionnaire- press at the end GERAI (in Lithuanian it means GOOD)....so, your questionnaire will be submitted!

Internet pages and the most important features of them.

We will investigate about what students are looking for in the internet pages. What features of internet page are most important for them? Even how long they are using the internet and how much time a day they spend on it. We will try to find out the most popular internet pages, features of them and what makes them so popular among the respondents.

Politics: the problems of integration of British Muslims in Great Britain

This is a questionnaire designed to analyze the problems of integration of British Muslims in Great Britain and it investigates only the ethnic group of British Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, please fill in this questionnaire. If you are British of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, please do not hesitate and fill in this questionnaire. This material will be used as a research basis in the BA thesis.

mobile phones' consumers diferenses

a research about cross- cultural differences (among Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian mobile phones’ consumers) in information search and decision-making process, also in perception of two popular brands (NOKIA and Samsung). please at the end of questionnaire push "GERAI" :) If you would like to see the results, plese push "APKLAUSOS REZULTATAI". My contacts: [email protected], phone +37068660847. Julia.