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Nanotechnology in processors

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information on topic 'Nanotechnology in processors'. Please give each question your most thoughtful consideration. The questionnaire is anonymous. Thank you for your time and effort.

Improvement of Small and Medium Enterprises Activities

The purpose of the research is to inquire about the context of the process in SMEs in addition to find the methods and suggest the ways and possibilities to intensify development in the activities of Small and Medium Enterprises. To achieve this goal the survey questionnaire is created. The main ideas to explore: -To find out if there is a management deficiency in SMEs and if it influence the development of an enterprise; -To find out if there is a government intervention problem and if it influence the development of an enterprise.

Tourism territorial marketing in Šiauliai region

Dear Šiauliai city and its district guests. This anonymous questionnaire research will help to test the shortcomings and the expansion possibilities of.Šiauliai region tourism marketing. Your sincere answers will help to clear up your hopes and wishes. Please write down or circle one or several answers that suit you. The results of the research will be introduced in the final master’s work “Tourism territorial marketing in Šiauliai region.”

Scouse dialect

The aim of this form is to analyse Liverpool (Scouse) dialect as a sign of regional identity