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Literacy in America

Starting at 3rd grade we split students into two groups. Group A and Group B. In group A the students are made aware of their grammatic mistakes but not counted off for them for the rest of their school career. Group B is normal grading. Will the lack of fear from failing help group A be more creative? Which group is better off in the long run? Keep in mind that every teacher has an idea of what good writing is. Would this prevent them from impressioning themselves on the students?

Ideal Country

Dear Respondent, please select the most important attributes of Your ideal country. Thank You.     Your opinion is very important for a scientific project run by the Vytautas Magnus University.

Gatunek do gazetki

Typowanie gatunku ptaka, o którym będzie można więcej przeczytać w kolejnym numerze naszej gazetki.

Morning sessions

Hey people!We are coming back with Morning Sessions! We used to have them every monday morning, but now we would like to hear which days would you prefer:)

A Short Survey of Historic Discovery

Your views on your interest of local history are important. Measuring the public interest in local history gives direction to what stories should be written, what exhibits should be built and many other resources that could be developed Please consider the following options and let me know what interests you have.   Historically yours,   Ray Osborne