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Black Magic

I am doing this for a report that i am developing for my college Assignment and also because there isnt much info on the topic online and i really need alot of submissions so please help!


Dear participant,   I am studying in University of Health Sciences. My thesis for a master‘s degree is to examine students‘ eating habits. The project success will highly depend on completion of this questionnaire, so it is very important to get your honest answers. This survey is absoliutely annonymous! Please spare three minutes of your time to fill questionnaire below. Your help is highly appreciated.

LSMU Cannabis research

Along with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, we conduct this anonymous survey, which aims to examine your opinion of cannabis products (marijuana) prevalence and social demographics  This is an English version only to Forigen students in kaunas.if you are a Lithuanian student -please dont answer this(Lithuanian version--   http://pollmill.com/f/lsmu-kanapiu-tyrima-2gdaacq/answers/new.fullpage  ) It is  important that you answers to each question. The survey is anonymous, your answers confidential, will be used only in statistical summaries, for 6th year students doing thier Thesis.   We kindly ask you to answer each question. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE SURVEY.  

In Case Of Emergency Tool

With this questionnaire, we want to learn more about our potential customers. The answers are anonymous and will be used for academic purposes only.