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Survey of Discovery for the Market Research Industry

Thanks in advance, for taking this very short poll. Your answers will be invaluable for a writing project I'm involved with. Please note with the first question the first two options at the top are for Non-Market Research companies but have market research professionals on staff. Ray Osborne  Industry Correspondent 321-345-1513    

Wheelchair Design

HI we are a company of wheelchair manufacturers. We are doing a survey to help evaluate 3 of our designs and to find out which design is better to meet the needs of the user. Your feedback will be kept confidential. This survey will not take more than 5 minutes.     Public transportation is inconvenient for the physically challenged as the bus/taxi drivers are hesitant to help them. The reason behind this is because the wheelchairs take up space and are heavy. So we have designed wheelchairs that are slim and mobile to help ease the user and the drivers. Please evaluate the following questions.

Hackney WickED 2013 - Crowdfunding T-Shirt

A Limited Edition Hackney WickED T-Shirt. Logo designed by Ingrid Z with illustration Simon Reuben White - Director of the Elevator Gallery   http://igg.me/at/WickEDForever/x/3575347

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Thanks in advance for applying the position posted at our website. Please answer these brief questions so that we can process your resume quickly.    

iSPRouT Biodegradable Watch

Hi we are the innovators of iSPRouT company. We are conducting a survey on our latest watch design. It is a biodegradable watch which is suitable for both male and female. It is water resistant to 165 feet and is very durable. In a compost environment, it is biogdegradable to carbon dioxide and water within 365 days. This survey will take approximately 5 minutes.