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AAAccounting factors that influence the level of activity among investors

I am a student at Kaunas University of Technology. Currently I am seeking a masters degree in audit and accounting and the following questionnaire is part of my dissertation. The aim of the research is to determine the economic and accounting factors that influence the level of activity among investors.

Forecasting Baltic stock market

The aim of the survey is to find out which factors of fundamental analyses are most commonly used in the process of Baltic stock market return forecasting.

assimilation and elision

This questionnaire was prepared for the learners of English (either for those who now learn it or learnt some time ago). The questions which you will be asked concern the two aspects of phonetics: assimilation and elision. The findings will be used in my yearly paper with the aim of finding out if the aspects of assimilation and elision should be included in the course of phonetics. Thank you for your help :)

Open House 2009

Please fill in your answers in order we can improve future events. It will take only 2-3 minutes. Thank You.

Corporate Identity (english)

I am doing a project in my university about the Corporate Identity and about the concept of a country. You will largely contribute to its success if you answer the following questions! Thank YOU in advance!


Please fill in your answers. It will take only 2-3 minutes but could be very helpfull for the next Summer Event in 2009. Thank You.