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Best Female Cameroon Gospel Artist 2019

Super Gospel Award presents to you one of the sections that will be included in this year's voting platform called Best Female Gospel Artist. Please you are adviced to vote nothing but the best according to your oppinion, the best Cameroonian gospel artist whose music ministry have blessed you. Here there is no bias action and you are adviced to vote only once, any attend made to violate our rules will lead to an uncounted vote. All oppinions count. All we are doing is promoting Cameroon gospel music so that in all we do Jesus Christ be glorified. Focus on the message in the songs, number of songs/albums, artistic arts, vocal, sound quality, and lifestyle for by their fruits we shall know them. You are advised to also share the link to your friends so they can also vote but don't suggest a choice to anyone. Allow them make their choices. Super Gospel Award vous présente l'une des sections qui seront incluses dans la plateforme de vote de cette année intitulée Meilleure artiste gospel. Je vous en prie, il vous est conseillé de ne voter que le meilleur selon votre opinion, le meilleur artiste gospel camerounais dont le ministère de la musique vous a béni. Ici, il n’ya aucune action de partialité et il vous est conseillé de voter une seule fois. Toute présence faite en violation de nos règles entraînera un vote sans dénombrement. Toutes les opinions comptent. Tout ce que nous faisons, c'est promouvoir la musique gospel du Cameroun afin que, dans tout ce que nous faisons, Jésus-Christ soit glorifié. Concentrez-vous sur le message contenu dans les chansons, le nombre de chansons / albums, les arts artistiques, la qualité vocale, la qualité du son et le style de vie, car leurs fruits nous les connaîtront. Il vous est également conseillé de partager le lien avec vos amis pour qu'ils puissent voter mais ne suggèrent aucun choix à qui que ce soit. Permettez-leur de faire leurs choix. 

Most Spiritual African Gospel Artist 2019

Vote for the most spiritual African gospel artist for  2019 whose music ministry have blessed you in one way or the other. Be true in your voting no bias. Please also note that BOT Voting or Automated Voting is under an embago.  If you are found violating our rules, your votes will be discarded and you will have to start over from zero. We came out with this platform just to help and promote Africa gospel music and know that God is putting in His all to see to it that His word is preached through songs to the whole universe. We focused only on Spirituality, spirit filled songs, good quality songs, songs rich in the word of God. God be our witness that we cheat no one. Be free to ask question and you are not allowed to vote more than one time or more than one artist. You can visit our website HERE

2KEPTop10 - Musicians

"You Vote. We List Them" is 2KEPTop10, you decide who is the No.1 Actor, Singer, Dancer, Rapper, etc. | 2KEPTop10 THURSDAYS at 8/7CT only on The KTVN

2KEPTop10 - Musicians

"You Vote. We List Them" is 2KEPTop10, you decide who is the No.1 Actor, Singer, Dancer, Rapper, etc. | 2KEPTop10 THURSDAYS at 8/7CT only on The KTVN

What Non-KPop music video should I react to this week?

What Non-KPop music video (2013 only) should I react to this week?2013 music videos only, and it can be anything NOT Korean! [Thai, Indonesian, Filipino, Japanese, French, Russian etc.!!](No American, Latino, or Bollywood- bc I see these often)Voting is Monday- Friday (USA time!)*Korean music videos do not need to be voted in. I already react to most K-Pop mvs.

Heart Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Song Choice Poll

To help decide which song Heart will play, at the 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, take this poll and pick the song(s) you want to hear! You can choose more than one song, but keep it to your top 3 favorites.

501 Charts: Hot 100 Picks

Submit your current favorite song as many times as you like and then check on saturday its Chart Ranking. Envia tu cancion favorita del momento, cuantas veses quieras y regresa el sabado para ver el Chart Ranking.