Communication etiquette and features among young people in China

This questionnaire was made by Eva Plieniute – the 4th year bachelor’s student of East Asia cultures and languages studies in Vytautas Magnus University. The questionnaire answers will be used in bachelor work – ”Communication etiquette and features among young people in China in 20th – early 21st centuries“. The aim of this research is to analyze how young chinese people are communicating among family members, between friends or strangers, and what communication etiquette rules they are following. Thank you for your time in completing this questionnaire. 谢谢您的时间完成这一调查问卷。

17.What do you usually say when you greet people?
say hi n hug.
Nice to meet u
Depends what situation I'm with
u are amazing
Hello and have a meal and what to do?
How's going or your outfit looks very nice today etc
你好 你好 你好 repeating
How's your day today?
Hello, long time no see, what are you dong recently?
hey how u doing
Hi, how is it going?
Salam or hi
Selam for Muslim Hi, hello, nihao(Chinese)to others
你好, 你吃了吗
Hello how are you
How are you
How are you?