Competitiveness Analysis of Hotel Services.

Hello! My name is Rokas Stonius, I am a 3rd year University student studying Hospitality Management at Utena University of Applied Science. This questionnaires purpose is to find out what the public think about competitiveness in the hotel industry and what the public sees when it comes to how a hotel shows its competitiveness among other hotels and their services.

Taking from the last question, what is usually the biggest difference in services in each hotel?
What they provide in the room like storage for clothes, an iron, a kettle
Dining area
Facilities provided and convenience.
The level of customer service tends to greatly vary
Food service. Some hotels have big prices or restrictions on who and how the customer is being allowed to enjoy hotels food service.
Just employees personalities
The quality of staff service, and the comfort of rooms
Not really sure, I dont take notice
Amount of services provided followed by their quality