Competitiveness Analysis of Hotel Services.

Hello! My name is Rokas Stonius, I am a 3rd year University student studying Hospitality Management at Utena University of Applied Science. This questionnaires purpose is to find out what the public think about competitiveness in the hotel industry and what the public sees when it comes to how a hotel shows its competitiveness among other hotels and their services.

Do you think competition among hotels in terms of services they provide is important and why?
Competition is always good as it ups their game and makes services cheaper for everyone if you look around between different companies
Ye, competition is good for customer, prices goes down :)
Yes as it allows each hotel to try and give the best experiance and price things accordingly to the facilities they offer. All in all it’d be better for the consumer and raise thier score on review sites
I do think that competition can be good among hotels because it makes the experience better for consumers
Of course it is. Healthy competition is always a good thing. Also, it eliminates poorly managed hotels, unfairly treated staff members, corruption within the industry.
Yes its important because each hotel should have something better than the other in order for them to receive more guests wanting to stay for that particular reason.
Not sure
Competition sparks motivation to improve and progress, therefore I believe it to be important.
Yes, it keeps them improving
Yes, but im not sure why
Yes, because then services will improve infinitely.