Cultural and language knowledge in international business environment

The objective of these expert interviews questions are to discover what are leaders thoughts about cultural and languge knowledge and how it impacts business and it's relations, also to determine their views on the effects of cross-cultural diversity in the international business environment. These questions are for anyone in a leadership position within their organization with experience of working with colleagues from a different cultural background other than their own. The results of this survey will be used to measure the value of what role cultural and language knowledge plays in international business environment.

What is your gender?
What is your age group?
Do you work in multinational company?
What is the field/fields you are specializing in?Required to answer
How long have you been working in your field?Required to answer
What is your education?Required to answer
How would you define this phrase - cultural knowledge?Required to answer
How do you/would you work with people from different cultural backgrounds?Required to answer
What kind of experience you have in relating and dealing with people from different cultures than your own?Required to answer
How have you learned to adjust to different cultures?Required to answer
Describe a specific situation where you worked with people from different backgrounds. What have you learned from this experience?Required to answer
How common is English language in the fields you are operating in?Required to answer
How cultural knowledge have shaped you in terms of professionalism?Required to answer
When you interact with a person from a different culture, how do you ensure that communication is effective?Required to answer
What you think is important before going to work abroad or doing something that requires that culture's knowledge?Required to answer