E-commerce in the clothing industry

Dear Respondent, My name is Lina and I am exchange student currently attending Aarhus University. My conducting a study is to measure the amount of electronic commerce (goods purchase on the internet) situation in Denmark. The aim is to identify obstacles to e-commerce in the clothing industry. Anonymous questionnaire and I hope that your sincere and precise answers will help to get the most objective and more accurate results. Please cross the answers and at the dots – write your opinion. Thank you for agreeing to respond to the questionnaire. Thank you for your time!
1. Are you:
2. Are you:
3. Your status:
4. If you use e-commerce, what do you use to purchase on the internet?
5. How often do you purchase clothing on the Internet?
6.Why do you choose to shop clothing on the Internet as opposed to shopping in a store?
7. What are the greatest advantages in using e-commerce than shopping clothes in downtown?
9. From which countries have you purchased clothes via the Internet?
10. Why don’t you purchase clothing from abroad?
11. What advice would you like to offer to the e-commerce companies you use that, if adopted, would simplify your shopping?

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