Enter the Norwegian Market (part 2)

Welcome to Part N2 of our Norwegian Market Entry Readiness Survey.

Your involvement not only contributes to the enhancement of your business but also provides valuable insights for companies looking to outsource IT services globally.

As a token of our gratitude, we are pleased to extend a special discount on Verified IT Provider review services.

6. How long has your company been operating?
7. How many international clients does your company currently serve?
8. How many full-time employees does your company have? (excluding freelancers and contractors)
10. What is the preferred size of projects or clients your company is interested in pursuing in Norway?
11. What level of market research have you conducted or plan to conduct for the Norwegian market?
15. How do you plan to build your team to work with the Norwegian market?
16. Are there specific regulations or certifications that are crucial for your IT business to operate in Norway?
17. Do you have a budget in place for your market entry into Norway?
18. What is your expected timeline for entering the Norwegian market and achieving your market penetration goals?

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