European military identity research 2022-11-25

Dear respondent, I am a doctoral student at the Military Academy of Lithuania capt. Aleksandras Melnikovas. I am currently conducting an international comparative study aimed at revealing the expression and level of European military identity among cadets trained in various EU Member States. Your participation in the research is very important, by answering the questions, you will help to assess the levels of European military identity and contribute to the improvement and refinement of the training of officers in the European Union. The questionnaire is anonymous, your personal data will not be published anywhere, and your answers will be analyzed only in an aggregated form. Please answer all the questions by choosing the answer option that best reflects your beliefs and attitudes. The questionnaire asks questions about your study experience, attitudes towards the European Union as a whole and towards the EU's Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), which has been aiming to gradually build a common European defense and contribute to strengthening international peace and security.

Thank you very much for your time and answers.


2. Gender

3. Education

4. Age

6. What type of armed forces are you being prepared for?

7. What is your study program?

11.1. Please answer the following questions about your military education institution:

11.2. Please answer the questions about your military education institution:

12. Have you ever participated in ERASMUS programme?

13. Do you see yourself as ... ?

14. If you would think of the past year, how often do you encounter with foreigners?

15.1. PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE EU COMMON SECURITY AND DEFENCE POLICY (CSDP). The idea of a common defence policy for Europe was firstly formulated in:

15.2. The main CSDP military tasks were defined in:

15.3. The first European Security Strategy identifying common threats and objectives was adopted in:

15.4. What changes did the Treaty of Lisbon had on the CSDP?

15.5. What impact did ā€˛Global Strategy for the European Union's Foreign and Security Policy" have on CSDP:

16. Some people say, that European military integration should be enhanced and developed. Others say it has gone too far. What is yous opinion? Use the scale to express your opinion.

17.1. What are your personal attitudes towards the EU, European security and defence? Please give your opinion on each statement:

17.2. What are your personal beliefs regarding European security and defence? Please give your opinion on each statement:

17.3. What are your personal attitudes towards the future of European security and defence? Please give your opinion on each statement:

18. Please tell me, whether you are for it or against a common defence and security policy among EU Member States?

19. In your opinion, what type of European army it would be desirable to have?

20. In your opinion, what should be future European army's roles? (Mark all relevant answers)

21. In case of military intervention, who should take the decision to send troops within the framework of a crisis outside the EU?

22. In your opinion, decisions concerning European defense policy should be taken by:

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