Free time

This questionnaire will be used towards my research which will answer the question on availability of free time via different people.

Do you have a lot of free time?
On average how much time do you have each day?
What do you do before or after your free time?
What is your favourite type of activity during your free time?
What type of activity do you least like doing during your free time?
Which of these activities would you love to do right now? (Choose a minimum of 3)
Would you say you have enough free time?
Do you think having free time is important?
Please rate these things in terms of importance to your free time.
Not ImportantVery Important
Stress relief
Time wasting
Who do you mostly spend your free time with?
Are there any activities that you used to do during your free time that you don't do anymore?
If you answered "Yes" to the last question, please explain why.
Describe what to you would be the perfect weekend.
Are there any free time activities that you would like to start doing but simply don't have the resources to do them?
What activity would that be?
What was the last activity you did during your free time?
How old are you?
How much do you earn every month? (Euros)