How can the process of relocating to Tanzania by the diaspora be simplified?

Since the beginning of the year 2020, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of African Americans arriving in Tanzania. A group of Tanzanian locals have been following this movement with keen interest and have decided to form a lobby group aimed at petitioning the government of Tanzania to take note of this movement as a positive development for the country and create a more conducive and favorable environment for the brothers and sisters from the USA seeking to relocate to this part of the great motherland.

This exercise seeks to collect feedback from African Americans that wish to relocate either permanently or temporarily to Tanzania. Whether you are already in Tanzania or you are still in the USA and are contemplating the move or you have come, stayed and left for one reason or the other, you are welcome to participate in this poll. The feedback we receive will be used in developing a special petition that will be presented to policy making senior officials in government.  Note that for the multiple choice questions, you are allowed to select more than one answer. For the questions requiring your own expression, feel free to write your thoughts on one or more subject matters eg. immigration, business, cost of living etc.

Note that this poll is totally anonymous. 

Have you considered relocating to Tanzania?
Have you already visited Tanzania?
If you have been to Tanzania, what was the nature of your visit?
How would you rate your experience with the immigration department?
What in your opinion is the biggest challenge facing Diasporas Relocating to Tanzania?
Have you started a business in Tanzania?
If Yes, What challenges (difficulties) have you faced when starting your business?
Do you think the current visa options in Tanzania are adequate for your relocation needs?
Do you think there should be a special pass (special visa) for diasporas relocating permanently to Tanzania?
For how long should a holder of the special visa (pass) be allowed to stay in Tanzania?
How much would you be willing to pay (in US$) for the special visa (pass) for the duration you selected in the previous question?
Write any suggestions you have that you feel would help to improve the your experience and that of other diasporas permanently relocation to Tanzania?