Incredible India 2.0

This questionnaire is designed for an academic reserach which seeks to understand the potential outcome of the incredible India marketing campaign and its contribution to the overall new National Tourism Strategy to attract more foreign tourist in India from UK and around the globe. India still has a vast untapped opportunity to develop its tourism destinations and add more to its tourisms revenue to support its GDP. Despite of being the employment generating tool and earning foreign exchange revenue , tourism sector in India is still facing the challenges from Security, Infrastructure and a better marketing campaign to promote the country globally and opportunity to increase the number of tourism.

8. How do you search for your destination information in India?
. Below are listed some elements that you might consider when you chose a tourist destination. We ask you to evaluate them twice. First, please indicate HOW IMPORTANT is each of these elements to you when you chose any tourist destination (in general) (rate them on a scale »1« - completely unimportant to »5« - very important).

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