Investigating Job Crafting: the Relationship between Promotion-Oriented Job Crafting, Perceived Opportunity to Craft, Transformational Leadership and Coworker Support

Vilnius University engages in a wide range of research that seeks to provide a greater understanding of the world around us, contribute to improved human health and well-being, and provide answers to social, economic, and environmental problems. 

I am Rugile Sadauskaite, a final year MSc Organizational Psychology student at Vilnius University. I would like to invite you to take part in a research project which involves completing an anonymous online survey. Before you decide to take part it is important for you to understand why the research is being carried out and what it will involve.

We will in the course of this project be collecting personal information. Under General Data Protection Regulation 2016, we are required to provide a justification (what is called a “legal basis”) in order to collect such information. The legal basis for this project is “task carried out in the public interest”. 


What is the purpose of the study?

This study aims to explore the relationships between the perceived opportunity to craft at work, coworker support, a leader's transformational leadership tendencies, and job crafting. It examines how social organizational factors such as coworker support and transformational leadership dimensions impact employees' perceived opportunity to craft and promotion-oriented crafting behavior at work. 


Why have I been invited to take part?

You have received this invitation because you are over 18 years old and the study requires both male and female participants who are currently employed.


What will happen if I agree to take part?

If you agree to take part you will be asked to complete a four-part online questionnaire. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.


Do I have to take part?

No. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to take part in this study. Please take your time to decide.

By submitting the survey, you are providing consent for the data you have given to be used in the study.


Are there any risks for me if I take part?

The research is not anticipated to have any potential risks associated with taking part in it. 


What will you do with my data?

The data you submit will be treated confidentially at all times. No personal identifiable information will be obtained during or as part of the study. Your answers will be completely anonymous. 


The research is being carried out as part of a MSc project at Vilnius University and the results will be presented in the form of a dissertation which should be completed by no later than 30/05/2023. We may submit all or part of this research for publication to academic and/or professional journals and present this research at conferences.


 The data will be accessible to the research team only.

Please specify your age:Required to answer
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What is your employment status?Required to answer
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How long have you been working in your current organization?Required to answer
What is your current model of working?Required to answer
How would you define your English language proficiency level?Required to answer
Please indicate your agreement to the statements below.Required to answer
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeSomewhat DisagreeNeutralSomewhat AgreeAgreeStrongly Agree
At work, I have the opportunity to vary the type of tasks I carry out
At work, I have the opportunity to adjust the number of tasks I carry out
At work, I have the opportunity to vary my contact with other people
At work, I have the opportunity to take on new activities and challenges
At work, I have the opportunity to change the meaning of my role
Please indicate to what degree you agree with the statements below:Required to answer
Strongly DisagreeSomewhat DisagreeNeither Agree or DisagreeSomewhat AgreeStrongly Agree
I actively seek to meet new people at work.
I make efforts to get to know other people at work better.
I seek to interact with other people at work, regardless of how well I know them.
I try to spend more time with a wide variety of people at work.
I actively try to develop wider capabilities in my job.
I try to learn new things at work that go beyond my core skills.
I actively explore new skills to do my overall job.
I seek out opportunities for extending my overall skills at work.
I actively take on more tasks in my work.
I add complexity to my tasks by changing their structure or sequence.
I change my tasks so that they are more challenging.
I increase the number of difficult decisions I make at work.
I try to think of my job as a whole, rather than as separate tasks.
I think about how my job contributes to the organization's goals.
I think about new ways of viewing my overall job.
I think about ways in which my job as a whole contributes to the society.
Please indicate how frequently your supervisor exhibits the following characteristicsRequired to answer
Communicates a clear and positive vision of the future
Treats staff as individuals, supports and encourages their development
Gives encouragement and recognition to staff
Fosters trust, involvement and cooperation among team members
Encourages thinking about problems in new ways and questions assumptions
Are clear about their values
Practices what they preach
Attention control question - please select answer: Never
Instills pride and respect in others
Inspires me by being highly competent
Please indicate the degree to which your coworkers support you at work.Required to answer
If you're not currently employed, please refer to your latest employment experience.
Strongly DisagreeSomewhat DisagreeNeither Agree or DisagreeSomewhat AgreeStrongly Agree
My coworkers listen to my problems.
My coworkers are understanding and sympathetic.
My coworkers respect me.
My coworkers appreciate the work I do.
My coworkers seem to make time for me if I need to discuss my work.
I feel comfortable asking my coworkers for help if I have a problem.
When I'm frustrated by some aspect of my work, my coworkers try to understand.
My coworkers will help me figure out a work problem.
My coworkers cooperate with me to get things done at work.
If my job duties become very demanding, my coworkers will take on extra work responsibilities to help me.
My coworkers can be relied on to help when things get tough at work.
My coworkers share useful ideas or advice with me.