Marketing in South Korea


South Korea is well known in today's society for its rapid economical growth. This is due to the country's cultural standing and rapid integration of technology. In addition, this is a consequence of extremely innovative marketing. With a population of around 53 million people in South Korea, companies and organizations have to compete against each other and share the market. High competition leads to higher costs for branding and marketing.

With the help of this survey, we want to find out Your opinion on marketing culture in South Korea. Please fill in the survey down below. Thank you!

What is your personal opinion about South Korea's market?
Very good
can't really tell
Its unique.
very innovative and advanced products
Colorful and cool
I do like it's products
It's successful with skin care products and clothes
If it's anything like the Japanese market, then I'm good with not knowing a lot about it.
South Korea is being known as a country that rose up because of ability to take examples and make them their own. I would say that the country is innovative and knows how to adapt to consumers needs, that's why it ranks so high in the ratings.
No opinion
I believe that it’s one of the largest markets in the world and an example of amazing marketing strategies
I’m interested in it
Nu krw Daivi per sunki anketa
Very interesting
It's a very different market than what we see here. People consume a lot and people there have FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to trends, so it's ea
It's pretty similar to Japan's. Many colors/everythings is made for generation Z, millenials.
very cool