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mobile phones' consumers diferenses

a research about cross- cultural differences (among Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian mobile phones’ consumers) in information search and decision-making process, also in perception of two popular brands (NOKIA and Samsung). please at the end of questionnaire push "GERAI" :) If you would like to see the results, plese push "APKLAUSOS REZULTATAI". My contacts: [email protected], phone +37068660847. Julia.
Do you have your own mobile phone?
What brand is it?
If other, please, write its brand name
Did you ever have NOKIA phone?
Did you like it?
Did you ever have Samsung phone?
Did you like it?
How often do you buy a new mobile phone?
What kind of information source do you use before making a purchase? • Friends or family
• Exhibitions
• Consumer magazines
• Direct mail advertisements
• Salespeople
• Articles in the press
• Advertisement in the press
• TV (except advertisements)
• Advertisements on TV
• Radio commercials
• Outdoor advertisements
• Internet
How long does it usually take for you to make a choice? after you understand - you need a new one
At the moment you buy a new mobile phone you usually have______ information for making your choice.
Buying a new mobile phone for you is important: a.Main functions (making calls, writing MMS, SMS..)
b. Specific functions (camera, MP3 player, Dictaphone, etc.)
c. External appearance
d. Emotional satisfaction
Please evaluate each attribute of the mobile phones in terms of how important it is for you. 1.Color
2. Appearance
3. Form
4. Name (image, logo)
5. Expertise do not required
6. Easy of use
7. Servicing & warranty available
8. Price of product
9. Memory space
10. Battery’s capacity
11. Health & Safety
12. Originality (image, style, design)
13. Convenience (comfort, size)
14. Mobile internet, GPRS
15. Bluetooth
16. Camera
17. MP3 player (+Dictaphone)
18. Mass customization (Everybody has it)
19. Additional equipment (Hands-free, travel charger, etc.)
Please pick up three definitions for NOKIA from the list below. (cntrl+)
Samsung (cntrl+)
Main functions of these two brands’ mobile phones are
How well NOKIA presents features in its phones? general opinion on all Nokia's phones. 1 appearance
NOKIA 2. Brand name (image, logo)
NOKIA 3. Expertise do not required
NOKIA 4. Easy of use
NOKIA 5. Servicing & warranty
NOKIA 6. Price of product
NOKIA 7. Battery’s capacity
NOKIA 8. Health & Safety
NOKIA 9. Originality (image, style, design)
NOKIA 10. Convenience (comfort, size)
NOKIA 11. Camera’s quality
NOKIA 12. Additional equipment (Hands-free, travel charger, etc.)
How well Samsung presents these features in its mobile phones? 1. Appearance
Samsung 2. Brand name (image, logo)
3. Expertise do not required
Samsung 4. Easy of use
Samsung 5. Servicing & warranty
Samsung 6. Price of product
Samsung 7. Battery’s capacity
Samsung 8. Health & Safety
Samsung 9. Originality (image, style, design)
Samsung 10. Convenience (comfort, size)
Samsung 11. Camera’s quality
Samsung 12. Additional equipment (Hands-free, travel charger, etc.)
How old are you?
What is your nationality?
Your gender:
Are you a student?
Where and what do you study?
Please indicate your year at university (1,2,3,4,etc):