Negotiating survey

I am studying at Vilnius University and writing master work about business culture. An effort is being made to learn more about international negotiating and negotiating techniques. Because of your international negotiating experience, your knowledge can help others to improve their skills. Please answer all the questions as completely and accurately as possible. Be assured that your replies will remain confidential. Thank you for your help. At the end of the questionnare, please press "Gerai".
Q1. The goal of a negotiation you view:
Q2. Which position of the negotiation you prefer:
Q3. Which form of the agreement you prefer to use:
Q4. Which style of communication during the negotiation you prefer:
Q5. You tended to prefer that during the negotiation is dominating:
Q6. You are highly risk averse in negotiation:
Q7. For you/you:
Q9. What kind of tactic you prefer to use? If other, go to Q10.
11. Country

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