OPEN READINGS 2011 conference feedback questionnaire

This questionnaire is for participants and observers of the 54th scientific conference for students of physics and nature sciences "Open Readings 2011"
You were participating in the "Open Readings" conference as:Required to answer
Where are you from?
How many times you have participated in "Open Readings" before?Required to answer
What was your participation motivation? (select not more than 3 answers)Required to answer
How would you evaluate conference activities? (1 - very bad; 5 - very good)
did not attend12345
Oral Session I
Oral Session II
Oral Session III
Oral Session IV
Oral Session V
Poster session
Conference party
Lecture of prof. G. Tamulaitis ("Currend Trends of Semiconductor Physics")
Lecture of prof. S. Juršėnas ("Understanding of Living Systems")
Do you think that students' contributions should be refereed more strictly?
What do you think about the scientific quality of the conference content?
If you were a presenter, did the number of attending lecturers/scientists satisfy you?
If you anwered "no" in the previous question, what means of making the lecturers more interested in students' researches you could offer?
How would you evaluate the organization of the conference? (1 - very bad; 5 - very good)
no opinion/do not care12345
Amount of information about the event before the conference and its availability
Conference website
Conference programme and following of it
Conference abstract book
Communication with the participants by e-mail/skype
Amount of information about the event during the conference and its availability
Accommodation in Vilnius University dormitories
Quality of the organization in general
Chairmans of oral sessions
Please indicate the most significant shortcomings of conference organization
Please indicate the most significant advantages of the organization and the conference in general
What would be your suggestions for the organizing committee for Open Readings 2012 ?
Are you going to participate in the next year's conference?
Would you consider writing a "Open Readings" conference proceedings paper to a journal with impact factor smaller than 0,4 if there was such possibility?
Would you be able to prepare your abstract in TeX/LaTeX/LYX for the next year's conference?
Was this questionnaire too long?