Savings and Financial habits: Money management understanding


We are a group of third-year New Media Language students at Kaunas University of Technology. We are conducting a research study in which we are analyzing the financial literacy and money-spending habits of various individuals.

All the answers are anonymous, and the results will be used only for research purposes.

Participation in the survey is voluntary; hence, you can leave the survey at any time. If you have any questions or other concerns feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Thank you for your time.



Your age:Required to answer
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Are you currently studying?Required to answer
Your occupation:Required to answer
What is your source of income? (Multiple choices are possible)Required to answer
How do you keep track of your monthly income and expenses? (Multiple choices are possible)Required to answer
How do you manage your savings? (Multiple choices are possible) Required to answer
On average, what percentage of your yearly income do you manage to save?Required to answer
What makes up the biggest amount of your monthly expenses ? Choose up to 3 options.Required to answer
Do you save money consciously?Required to answer
What money-saving choices do you make on a day-to-day basis (even if you are not trying to save money)? (Multiple choices are possible)Required to answer
When looking for a product to buy (food, electronics, clothes), you usuallyRequired to answer
Have you ever given up any of your habits to because it was too expensive for your livelihood?Required to answer
What are the main reasons you are saving for or would be saving for? Choose up to 3 options.Required to answer
How confident are you in your financial literacy?Required to answer
Not confidentConfident