Scandinavian Design in the context of culture and cultural memory. Its market and consumption

This questionnaire will help identify and prove some of communication and culturally inflected patterns that are present within the notion of 'Scandinavian Design' and its cross-national position in the intercultural context. The questionnaire is open to anyone who is familiar with Scandinavian Design, i.e. have seen it, bought it, visited a display/exhibition on Scandinavian Design. The questionnaire is anonymous so please be as honest and frank as possible. When asked to give an open answer, please write as much as you like, giving suggestions, or share observations on Scandinavian design based on your country of residence, i.e cultural background etc. This questionnaire is for everyone, even if you do not have any design/art educational background. I am interested to have answers from respondents who can identify themselves as Scandinavian and who come from outside Scandinavia as it will give me an opportunity to compare answers from both perspectives (within and outside its cultural context), and to identify differences. If you do not understand any particular question, please feel free to message, email, skype or call me. I also conduct face-to-face interviews; so if you would be willing to attend one of them, also please let me know. If you could share it with as many people as possible, I would greatly appreciate it. For anyone who completes this questionnaire, I offer a free guided tour in London and a drink at the end of the day :) Thanks all for your help. 


The concept 'Scandinavian Design' is delineated by a material aspect as well as geographical: far from representing a cross section of Nordic design culture, the products promoted under the catchphrase- or brand-‘Scandinavian Design’ formed a particular and carefully orchestrated blend of gourmet objects selected from a very narrow segment of the region’s design practice. This clearly is to be understood in light of the concept’s origin as a promotional tool, and it is only to be expected that exhibitions of the kind through which term ‘Scandinavian Design’ gained currency for strategic reasons displayed almost exclusively objects for the home conforming to a modernist notion of aesthetic quality.



Scandinavian Design in the context of culture and cultural memory. Its market and consumption

1. Please identify your gender

2. What is a country/-ies within Scandinavia that you are most familiar with?

3. Have you ever visited/lived in this country/these countries?

4. How often do you buy products designed/produced in Scandinavia?

5. Why do you buy/like Scandinavian design?

6. What are the core values of Scandinavian Design do you recognize?

7. Scandinavian Designs mostly incorporate bold, simple colours. Do you agree?

8. Products designed/produced in Scandinavia are often highly well-thought-through products with clever incorporations and attention to small detail. Do you agree?

9. Products designed/produced in Scandinavia often use very modern, interesting materials that are easily identifiable on the market. Do you agree?

10. Scandinavian products are often advertised in the natural setting, surrounded by nature, large open spaces. Do you agree?

11. Do you think of Scandinavian nature, weather (long dark white winters and light green summers), its pace of life, values of home and peace as core values of Scandinavian counties?

12. Do you think of this country/these countries large open spaces, unspoiled nature, large green (in the summer) and white (in the winter) spaces when you buy a product marketed as Scandinavian?

13. Do you think that designs that come out of Scandinavia are representatives of its countries?

14. Do you know that Scandinavian countries are ones of the most expensive countries to live in? Does it affect how much you ready to pay for the product that markets itself as ‘Scandinavian’?

15. How important to you for Scandinavian products to be designed and produced within its borders and NOT outsourced, i.e. China/India etc?

16. Do you see a particular product of design as a separate equity (you simply find it useful and needed it at home) or as a part of a larger image you identify with the product, i.e. lifestyle, status, equality, relationships etc.

17. Have you ever visited an exhibition of any Scandinavian Design (furniture, jewellery, home appliances) or just went to a store to just look around (not buy) because you cannot afford / do not need to buy?

18. Did you find any of the products exhibited at one of your visited exhibitions similar/familiar to the ones you bought in the past/ already own/would like to buy?

19. Please name any number of specific Scandinavian brands that come to your mind?


    20. Do you have anything else to say about Scandinavian Design as such, please share? Please write any thoughts, conclusions that you think could be useful to include in this research.

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