Spread of information and public's reaction to the Ukraine-Russia conflict on social media

What opinions do you mostly see on social media regarding this conflict?

  1. That Ukraine is the victim and they fight for their right to be independent. And Russia is an aggressor
  2. Ukraine win
  3. Most of the people I see on social media are backing the Ukrainians. However if you dig deeper you can dre a lot of Russian propoganda. Especially on a platform such as Twitter.
  4. Mostly negative.
  5. Ukraine is fighting for whole Europe’s destiny and Russia is a shithole
  6. Either pro-russian, or pro-ukrainian. Maybe neutral-sided too.
  7. Mostly that Ukraine survives solely on NATO support
  8. A lot of contraversial opinions, but a lot of true ones too.
  9. support for ukraine
  10. Pro-Ukrainian or anti-beast