Spread of information and public's reaction to the Ukraine-Russia conflict on social media

Why did you pick that particular option in the question above?

  1. because I support Ukraine's right to be an independent state
  2. I can think ho i can trust
  3. Ukrainians were attacked without any real motive that could objectively be considered as viable. The Russians are making a lot of war crimes against the innocent people of Ukraine.
  4. Agression towards Ukraine is agression towards Europe.
  5. There is no other logical option
  6. Because it is the right option.
  7. Because after the war Ukraine is going to be in a massive debt and Russian people are manipulated by the few who are in control. Neither russians nor Ukrainians should be involved in it.
  8. Because russia is still the aggressor, and killing innocent people, bombing schools, hospitals, apartment houses can never be justified.
  9. because it was russian invasion to the free country, historical similarities to Lithuania
  10. This invasion is not human