Spread of information and public's reaction to the Ukraine-Russia conflict on social media

Has the ongoing conflict influence/change your opinion on Ukraine and Russia? If yes, how? If not, why?

  1. No
  2. Russia show how she is strong and now we can see how she is really strong and russia never tell truth
  3. Ever since the events in 2013 in Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea it was clear to me and many others that Russia is extremely unstable and should not be trusted. The recent events just solidifies that statement. As for Ukraine. It only showed how powerful the country and it's people are.
  4. It hasn't changed. My stance on the Russian government has always been negative.
  5. I used to think Putin is a human
  6. Ukraine is a very strong-standing country and with a great president, too. A true leader. If to mention Russia, it only showed it's evil ambitions. I hope Ukraine manages to push out the invaders one way or another and rebuild the infrastructure. It is a tragedy, and it is happening not too far from Lithuania. A war for completely no logical reason.
  7. Not really, It just shown the massive corruption the Russia carries
  8. Yes, it did. Of course russia has never been our friend, but to me, that country at this point is below ground level. The way they just attacked their so called "brothers" ukrainians, seems not human. So I would say that my view of russia changed in a really bad way, but Ukraine showed what a great brotherly land it is. So just the way that they are standing up for them selves is something incredible. A lot of countries should learn from ukrainians.
  9. i always evaluated russian politics critically but now not just politics but the whole culture appears inhumane for me. my respect for ukraine and ukrainians also grew a lot
  10. No, always thought of Russia as a corrupt country with little to no people, only brainwashed robots