Spread of information and public's reaction to the Ukraine-Russia conflict on social media

Hello, my name is Augustinas. I'm a second-year student of New Media Language study program at the Kaunas University of Technology. I am conducting research on the spread of information on the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflct on social media, what is the public's opinion on the conflict itself and the trustworthiness of the information people read or see on social media platforms.

The survey should take 2-4 minutes to complete. I encourage you to answer the questionnaire as honestly as possible, as the responces to the survey are 100% anonymous.

If there are any questions, insights or concerns regarding this survey, do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]

Thank you very much for your participation.

Why did you rate the last question that amount?
Because I newer trust media in 100%
It is true what i see
Because social media channels can post whatever they want. They can display the sources but even those can sometimes be false or incorrect.
It's always difficult to separate the truth from statements.
I use only trusted sources
Because the sources I follow are legitimate, official news services in Lithuania.
Because I don't really follow the conflict so carefully, so I don't really trust it until I see multiple reports on the same situation
Because the "western" media is also guilty of propaganda, hate it or like it, nothing is 100% truth.
i chose higher rate because main source of information for me for this topic is certain people who i trust as a reliable source. but also there is a lot of other sources that people do not follow and it still appears on their feed which i evaluate critically
There is some misinformation.
I trust most of the news about war, but sometimes I am catching myself believing in some russian propaganda, because it was written in the news portal
Because the sources I get information from are reliable in my opinion
There is always more information coming in
Because some information later comes out to be false
If it pops on the feed then taking a look
A lot of BIAS towards various questions, even one's from Ukraine's perspective.
A lot of censorship happen
Kas dieną sekant info matosi netiksli informacija.
Cos social media platforms usually gives space to express person’s own opinion and quite often it’s spontaneous and the opinion not based on more gathered information. Therefore, I prefer to reconfirm information I read by different other sources prior taking into consideration that it can be true.
Because i chosse realiable sources
Because i believe in them, but not fully with my heart.
I don’t think everything is true, because they choose whitc information to spread ant whitch not. One side tells one ting and other side tells another thing. But i believe that most information are true.
I think, the whole truth is not forgiven to society
Some information on social media is not true
Because, we often hear, that something shown on a social media may be a propaganda
Sometimes it is just too much of a bubble
There is a lot of propaganda.
Because there is usually one narrative pushed or a lot of fake information
Narrative to missuse facts to generate activity on the articles A.K.A. possible clickbait
It depends on the platform where I read. I trust discord more than I teust new sites so I dont read new sites.
Not everything is true on the internet, especially war propaganda
Because my own country is Ukraine and for now the news are totally true in our own TV and social channels
Because the information I get is usually not pro-russian and it states facts and evidence.
Not everything is being told
I follow only one ukrainian account on instagram that gives all the new information on the war; however, i still have to use my critical thinking skills even if the source is mentioned. Videos on tik tok most of the time are from ukrainian people themselves, who live or lived in Ukraine during the war, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t trust them as much; however, I am cautious about that too, since not all people are sincere.
There is room for disinformation, but all of those platforms usually contain good information
You never know. Every person should be objective
Because it’s 50/50, not that hard to dig deeper and check if for example some “news” account is official and isn’t spreading disinformation, but sometimes I forget to do it and just believe what it says.
Twitter contains reports of the newest events as they are if you follow the right accounts (battle reports, statistics etc.) Other media can be more about writing biased articles (15min etc.) which is why I would not rate those platforms anywhere above 5.
Media is media, I prefer to hear out the storiea from the people who have experienced it themselves
I feel like most of the information on social media regarding this conflict is true, but sometimes extreme headlines are written to cause peoples reaction, even if the real situation is not that extreme.
I trust the major news platforma but not individual accounts
I use quite reliable media
I always look through the facts if they are true or not. It is not healthy to trust everything.
Because some information can seem as true, even though it is misleading, so it is better not to trust it 100%
Sometimes people hack accounts
I dont fully trust the internet information. It might be 50/50 true.