Spread of information and public's reaction to the Ukraine-Russia conflict on social media

Hello, my name is Augustinas. I'm a second-year student of New Media Language study program at the Kaunas University of Technology. I am conducting research on the spread of information on the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflct on social media, what is the public's opinion on the conflict itself and the trustworthiness of the information people read or see on social media platforms.

The survey should take 2-4 minutes to complete. I encourage you to answer the questionnaire as honestly as possible, as the responces to the survey are 100% anonymous.

If there are any questions, insights or concerns regarding this survey, do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]

Thank you very much for your participation.

Has the ongoing conflict influence/change your opinion on Ukraine and Russia? If yes, how? If not, why?
Russia show how she is strong and now we can see how she is really strong and russia never tell truth
Ever since the events in 2013 in Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea it was clear to me and many others that Russia is extremely unstable and should not be trusted. The recent events just solidifies that statement. As for Ukraine. It only showed how powerful the country and it's people are.
It hasn't changed. My stance on the Russian government has always been negative.
I used to think Putin is a human
Ukraine is a very strong-standing country and with a great president, too. A true leader. If to mention Russia, it only showed it's evil ambitions. I hope Ukraine manages to push out the invaders one way or another and rebuild the infrastructure. It is a tragedy, and it is happening not too far from Lithuania. A war for completely no logical reason.
Not really, It just shown the massive corruption the Russia carries
Yes, it did. Of course russia has never been our friend, but to me, that country at this point is below ground level. The way they just attacked their so called "brothers" ukrainians, seems not human. So I would say that my view of russia changed in a really bad way, but Ukraine showed what a great brotherly land it is. So just the way that they are standing up for them selves is something incredible. A lot of countries should learn from ukrainians.
i always evaluated russian politics critically but now not just politics but the whole culture appears inhumane for me. my respect for ukraine and ukrainians also grew a lot
No, always thought of Russia as a corrupt country with little to no people, only brainwashed robots
Yes, because I wanted to learn russian, now I want to learn Ukrainian
Yes it did. I don’t support Russia and I try to avoid contact with businesses, that still export their products to Russia.
Yes, in the way Ukraine is resisting and how other countries are helping
Only made my outlook on Russia worse
Not really, I never liked the Russian government.
No, it's the same.
Žinoma pakeitė.Karas suteikė motyvaciją daugiau sužinoti apie Ukrainą.O rusija,deja,nusirito i užribį.Jokios atjautos tai šaliai nejaučiu.Mūsų šeima ir taip daug nukentėjus nuo rusijos-seneliai buvo ištremti,dėdės sušaudyti.Dar gyvi likę tų įvykių liudininkai,o rusija vėl žudo.
Man is so full of anger
No, i don't go into other businesses..
No. It is just how i thinked it to be. Russian started this cinflict and treatening another countrys. They want more land even tho the have the most piece of land in the planet. That's why it started even back in 2014. Everything ukrainians is doing is defend themselfes ant their country.
I never liked Russia. I don't like it even more now. two world wars showed the Russian face. I have relatives who lived through the war and remember the horrors.
No it did not changed. I allways knew that Rusia is capable to start the war
Yes, it shows that russia is ruled by dictator who call himself a president.
Mostly it has proved to me that the Western values are truly hollow - they are ready to fight to the last Ukrainian in order to defeat Russia. They talk about war crimes, but never mention the illegal wars of the West and its own war crimes (such as Iraq). They target Russians with sanctions and restrictions, though collective punishment is considered universally wrong. The West has broken all its values during this conflict, among them the right to own property. Truly, considering the illegal coup of 2014 in Ukraine, they could have just ended the NATO expansion. It's big enough already and recent events show that adding new members is a really hard process anyway.
It did not. I have always had a very negative view about Russia
Russia has completely lost any shread of confidence in it’s democracy. Ukraine, on the other hand, has showed it’s true ability to fight back and forced me to take further interest in it’s history.
No, not really. ruzzians are very proud of their culture they always were. History repeats itself the come to "rescue".
Yes, people who fight for Ukraine are heroes. And the trash country called ruzzia is a fucking shithole that needs to be destroyed
I started to be more sure that Ukrainians are really strong nation and we can do everything we want and everything that people need to make our life better
Yes, because before the war Russia wasn’t much of a threat to Lithuania than it is now.
Yes, all russians are bad
I was never a fan of Russia regarding the history that Lithuania has with it. War just proved that I wasn’t a fan for a reason. Ukraine was more neutral for me. Now, obviously, I have more respect towards it. But no drastic changes on my opinion
Yes, I now see Ukraine as a stronger country and I once again reminded myself how awful Russia is
Huge respect and support for Ukraine; Russia is a terrorist criminal country and they will never prove otherwise
Yes my opinion is more positive on Ukraine’s president and the citizens strength. And way more negative towards Russia, even though it was always like that.
Yes. Russia lost a lot of it's international reputation and diplomatic status and that obviously changes my viewpoint on the country. My standpoint on Ukrainians changed in a sense that they proved they really care about their country and will not just surrender easily.
I knew Russia was an aggressor, but I did not think it was that bad
Russians only see themselves as the "good" guys
Yes, I hate Russia
I didn’t know a lot abou Ukraine so it let me to know more about this country
I always knew that Russia is not a best place to be in (in political matter). So of course my opinion is more negative about the country than ever (not a culture and people)
Yes, it made me realise that I was too naive to believe that Russia won't attack other countries
No, my opinion was formed before war