Staff Motivation Questionnaire

This questionnaire is here to help me gain information on what people think about motivation, ultimately after this has been completed I will have found the answers to my aim and objectives:

  • To investigate how to increase staff motivation in a workplace
  • To see in detail what measures can be to take to increase staff motivation
  • To see how to balance out motivation and work so they dont cancel each other out
  • To see if its possible to increase staff motivation without affecting work quality negatively
  • To understand the current problem at work and how to overturn them

It is very important to understand that this questionnaire is fully confidential and neither your name nor your email will be shown anywhere and will be used for the sole purpose of this research and project. Thank you and take your time.

Do you know what motivation means?
What is your own definition of motivation?
Are you a person who likes to motivate more or get motivated by someone else?
Do you know what staff motivation means?
What would be your own definition of staff motivation?
Do you think motivation at work is important?
Why? (Referance to the last question)
What do you think would be the results due to successful staff motivation?
Rate these things in terms of importance when it comes to workplace motivation
Not importantImportant
Do you work?
If you chose "No" in the last question, why do you not work?
If you chose "Yes", then do you think you are motivated enough by your employers?
When working where do you think the motivation should come from?
Highly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeAgreeHighly Agree
From the work itself
For you what is/are the most important out of these broad motivational factors? (Choose a maximum of 3)
Out of these what are the most important specific motivational factors? (Please choose a minimum of 5)
Do you think there is a lack of staff motivation in today's workplaces?
Explain why you think that way (refering to the last question)
What is your current social status?
Thank you for answering the questionnaire, feedback is very important to me as it is a way to improve, so feel free to write what you would've done to improve this questionnaire.