The importance of external business environment examination before starting international e-retailing business

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My name is Ieva Strekaite and I am a postgraduate student of International Management at the University of Sunderland. I am currently writing my dissertation about the external business environment's impact on business and the importance of its evaluation before starting an international e-retailing business. I would kindly ask you to answer this survey questions from the viewpoint of business. This questionnaire guarantees absolute confidentiality and will be used for academic purposes only. 

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The importance of external business environment examination before starting international e-retailing business
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Which business model, do you think better imposts 21'st century's international retail industry? ✪

What motive would influence your decision to internationalize business the most? ✪

Internationalization strategies are influenced by three main factors: resources, interpretive schemes and environment. Therefore, in your opinion, how important is it to be aware of their potential affect to new business strategy? ✪

In your opinion, which of the given factors require the quickest reaction to occurred changes? ✪

In your opinion, how strongly can international business environment influence the international e-retailing business operations? ✪

If you were to invest abroad, would you research on chosen country's political system? ✪

Would you rather invest to democratic or authoritarian political system having country? ✪

What would be your motives of the decision? ✪

Would it matter if chosen country is a member of political groupings like European Union, World Trade Organization and etc.?  ✪


How important is the economic situation of the country in case of starting new e-retailing business? ✪

In your opinion, which of the given economic indicators define economic situation the best? (Choose at least 3) ✪

How concerned would you be to check the inflation, interest and exchange rates of the country of future investment? ✪

In your opinion, would social-cultural differences impact international e-retailing business? ✪

Would size of country's population influence your choice of where to invest?


According to statistics, household spending in the UK in 2015 reached 1.68 million US dollars/year, meanwhile in Greece 0.19 million US dollars/year. In which of the mentioned countries would you rather invest?

Would you use Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions model to compare and contrast your own and countries of the investment cultural differences?

In the value from 0 to 5 (0- not important, 5- very important), how would you rate technological environment's role in international e-retailing business operations? ✪


Would you look for less or more technologically advanced markets? ✪

Would you consider checking country's e-readiness index? ✪

Starting new business requires following of country's jurisdiction of the law. How do you think, which of the suggested law areas affects e-retailing business the most? ✪

As international business, which of the legal authorities would you choose to trust the most? ✪

Would you consider the possible effects of e-business to ecological environment? ✪

Would you try to avoid ecological damage? ✪

Before entering new market would you research what type of the competition predominates in e-retailing industry? ✪

What would be your preferred type of competition?  ✪

In your opinion, which of the suggested competition elements could have a HIGH impact on e-retailing industry? ✪

Which of the suggested competition elements could have a LOW impact on e-retailing industry? ✪

Would you consider the examination of external business environment important before starting international e-retailing business? ✪

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