The Sims Community Communication on Twitter

What is your opinion on The Sims Community on Twitter? (Do think it is wholesome? Or hateful? Can people express their opinion without being afraid of judgement?)

  1. There will always be disagreements, communication issues and general friction in any community due to the nature of having different personalities and opinions congregated to discuss one topic. It is generally wholesome, and people can express their opinion with little fear of judgement beyond what is natural in any discussion forum.
  2. I'm not on Twitter but based on what I've seen on other platforms, the Sims community is largely a creative, fun-loving community. Like any community, there are some people who take the game incredibly seriously and will lash out at others who may not see the game so positively, and there are some players who always have something bad to say but keep playing nonetheless, making none of us take them that seriously.
  3. My experience is pretty good but I know a lot of my opinions are quite popular. I get most bothered by it when the Sims team addresses one thing (e.g. Goths refresh, pronouns update) and people complain "why that thing that brings diversity and not [thing from previous game]?". It's fun when it's memes, it's not fun when it's about opinions about development from people who aren't game developers.
  4. Every platform has its bad eggs but generally the sims community is wholesome, helpful, and fun
  5. Wholesome I guess. I really only look at the designs. I haven't seen anything hateful.
  6. Of course every community has hateful and toxic people, but personally I find the sims community to be very wholesome and kind. All of the sims influencers on social media are very inclusive, openminded and kind to one another. A few bad apples are always present but most of the community is very non-judgemental and certainly if you compare it to other videogame or movie communities.
  7. Very supportive and creative
  8. I'm not big into the community on Twitter, but I think it's like every other social media. There's going to be people who are there just for the community and people who are helpful and post the news about the game and there's people who are just there to complain and be negative.
  9. I don't use twitter.
  10. People express their opinion freely