TV Questionnaire

This is an anonymous questionnaire. Please take few minutes to answer the questions. This survey will help me to know how people watch TV, how they use their mobile phones? and from this information it can help me to design an app according to the user’s needs that best fits how they want it and use it. Many thanks for taking part.

The poll results are private
1. Are you
2. What is your age?
3. What is your occupation?
4. How many TV’s do you have in your household?
5. What shows or films do you enjoy?
6. Do you watch TV online?
7. Do you use the internet to catch up on missed shows or programs?
8. Do you download TV episodes to watch?
9. How many hours a day do you watch TV?
10. What time of the day do you mostly watch TV?
11. Do you like to watch TV programs according to the TV guide or at your own time?
12. Do you like to watch TV on your mobile phone?
13. What kinds of programs do you like, e.g. comedy, scientific, documentary, films?
14. Which do you prefer more films or programs?
15. How many films do you watch in a day?
16. How many programs do you watch in a day?
17. What do you want to watch more, e.g. scientific, comedy?
18. Do you want to watch more films or programs?
19. Do you prefer to watch a channel that is biased to one topic i.e. comedy, documentary?
20. Do you watch a program based on its popularity or your choice?
21. Do you watch a program if it was recommended by friends or family?
22. Do you watch a film or program more than once?
23. In what situation are you more likely to watch TV?
24. Apart from calling and texting, what else do you use your mobile phone for?
25. What app do you currently have on your mobile phone?
26. Do you want a mobile phone TV viewer app?