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Klima und Politik 02

Nimm dir doch ein paar Minuten, um an unserer Umfrage teilzunehmen.Wenn bei einer Frage keine Antwort passt, dann wähle die aus, die deiner am nächsten kommt uns lass es uns am Ende im Feedback wissen

How old are you, Reddit?

Just a poll that I thought I would create to see what kind of diversity makes up the Reddit community. Please answer as honest as possible. The results should be interesting.

Student/Teacher Relationships in France vs. America

I'm currently in France working on a documentary about differences between U.S. and their schooling systems, specifically focusing on Student/Teacher relationships. Please feel free to message(or comment) any stories about either schools and any opinions or significant stories that you'd like to share for this film... I'll do my best to respond and keep in touch!   For some general points to begin with, I've been running into the idea that many French students have felt inhibited and restricted by systems that require too much theory and prior knowledge above application. On the other side, in America students may often run into the situation that teachers can be too casual...