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Bioactive components of milk and dairy products

Hello. We are first year master students of the veterinary food safety program at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. This poll is anonymous. The main purpose of this poll is to find out the respondent's knowledge about the bioactive components of milk and dairy products. Your answers will only be used for scientific purposes. Thank you in advance for your answers. :)

How old are you, Reddit?

Just a poll that I thought I would create to see what kind of diversity makes up the Reddit community. Please answer as honest as possible. The results should be interesting.

Student/Teacher Relationships in France vs. America

I'm currently in France working on a documentary about differences between U.S. and their schooling systems, specifically focusing on Student/Teacher relationships. Please feel free to message(or comment) any stories about either schools and any opinions or significant stories that you'd like to share for this film... I'll do my best to respond and keep in touch!   For some general points to begin with, I've been running into the idea that many French students have felt inhibited and restricted by systems that require too much theory and prior knowledge above application. On the other side, in America students may often run into the situation that teachers can be too casual...