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Film Fanatics Movie Awards 2012

This is our poll for the facebook group Film Fanatics. Feel free to vote on your favorites. Only one vote per question is allowed. Voting will remain live until January 20th when we post the results on the facebook group's page.Enjoy! :-)

Which is YOUR favorite soup?

We are changing things up! We have too many different soups in rotation, and it's time to simplify. Please vote for your favorite soups and be sure to give your absolute favorite soup the most points. Thanks!

somethingGUD Survey

There are a lot of products that we have to use every day.  Each week we have to go out and buy things like toilet paper, eggs, and soap.  A lot of the time these products were shipped halfway around the world to us, when there are great companies right in our back yard that make the same thing.  Because of that distance, we often have no idea what impact the production of these goods had on the people and places they came from, what practices they used, or the quality of their ingredients. That's why we started SomethingGUD; a company whose purpose is to go out and find the highest quality, responsibly-made products from local businesses and deliver them to your front door as often as you need them.  We recommend products that meet the highest standards of quality, health, and social/environmental responsibility.  And we will only sell things that we use ourselves. Thank you for taking a few minutes to give us your thoughts and suggestions, we really appreciate it. 

Designjet Ink

The Designjet ink prints a wide variety of sized documents it also can handle heavy media up to eighty pounds! Then if the document is thick or rigid it can print that as well.A special feature of HP designjet printer  is you can give your papers a nice finish. Some paper finishes this printer has are gloss, satin, and matte.

Male body image perceptions

Fans of fighting sports know that successful boxers, wrestlers or MMA fighters have a variety of body types, and success comes through specific training for that sport.  But what are people's biases when it comes to "judging a book by it's cover?" In this survey, you will see a variety of athletic body types comparing only the images presented, please rank them as to which one would be most likely to win and least likely to win in a physical (no weapons) fight.  (1 = Most likely to win, 12 = Least Likely.  Please rank all 12 pictures shown using each number only once.  There are no correct or incorrect answers - this is just your perception.  Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page when all pictures have been ranked.  You can then see how your answers compared to others.

New Username

Hi, its @australian_sluts from instagram and would like some advice on changing my name(-:

Children Toys

Hi, I will be grateful if you fill this short questionaire about children toys. Please, even if you don't have children, fill this questionaire anyway, all answers and respondents are welcome. All answers will be used just for accomplishing my study task. All answers are anonymous.