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Questionnaire for the representatives of Croatian public institutions who are involved in the EU affairs public communication #2

The main goal of this questionnaire is to collect the data in order to analyse the internal coordination of Croatian institutions as concerns the EU affairs public communication (presenting the process of drafting, aligning and adopting of national positions in the EU to Civil society organizations (CSO) and to general public. Your answers will help to identify the main institutional actors participating in EU affairs communication and their interaction. It will help to outline the suggestions in order to make the process more transparent, democratic and legitimate and to raise CSO involvement and awareness on the national coordination of EU affairs. The obtained information will be included in the SWOT analysis and needs assessment for the MFEA regarding its role in EU affairs communication.      

Alpha Impact Windows

I, on behalf of Alpha Winows and Doors, am conducting this poll to determine need for impact windows Boca Raton .Impact windows are storm resistant and energy efficient.Your views are appriciated.

Casual Plus

I, on behalf of Casual Plus, am conducting this survey to determine the requirement plus size dresses

Stop for the life!

We are doing an exam project "How to change people behaviour from crossing the red traffic light?", so we need your answers in a few questions.      Thank you!

Apply Here -2

Thanks in advance for applying the position posted at our website. Please answer these brief questions so that we can process your resume quickly.    

VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS: which is your favourite one?

Talking about VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS, which is the closest to your tastes? Have your say and give a vote from 0 (sorry, not my style!) to 5 (love it!). Your feedback is always welcome and will be appreciated! Enjoy the poll!(You can find VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS from pag. 19 of VG LIGHTING COLLECTION 2014. Click here to watch it!)

調查香港公共醫院如何提升知名度有利於醫院發展? 以醫院為案例 Research on how does enhance corporate reputation to benefit public hospital? The Case of Hong Kong Public Hospital

  問卷Dissertation Questionnaire 本人為香港城市大學專業進修學院工商行政及管理學系學生。現正進行一項關於香港公共醫院如何提升公司知名度的畢業論文寫作。問卷將以多項選擇題形式進行,只需數分鐘作答。本問卷將以匿名方式填寫,閣下所提供的資料將會保密處理,並只供學術研究之用。敬請放心填寫,多謝合作!   工商行政及管理學系學生上     I am the student from Business Administration and Management program of SCOPE, City University of Hong Kong. I am now doing my dissertation which study onhow does enhance corporate reputation to benefit public hospital. The questionnaire will be in multiple choice formats and cause you only about a few minutes. All the information collected will be kept confidential and use for academic purpose only. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely,   Student from Business Management and Administration Program