Author: rokas,stonius

Competitiveness Analysis of Hotel Services.

Hello! My name is Rokas Stonius, I am a 3rd year University student studying Hospitality Management at Utena University of Applied Science. This questionnaires purpose is to find out what the public think about competitiveness in the hotel industry and what the public sees when it comes to how a hotel shows its competitiveness among other hotels and their services.

Staff Motivation Questionnaire

This questionnaire is here to help me gain information on what people think about motivation, ultimately after this has been completed I will have found the answers to my aim and objectives:To investigate how to increase staff motivation in a workplaceTo see in detail what measures can be to take to increase staff motivationTo see how to balance out motivation and work so they dont cancel each other outTo see if its possible to increase staff motivation without affecting work quality negativelyTo understand the current problem at work and how to overturn themIt is very important to understand that this questionnaire is fully confidential and neither your name nor your email will be shown anywhere and will be used for the sole purpose of this research and project. Thank you and take your time.

Free time

This questionnaire will be used towards my research which will answer the question on availability of free time via different people.