Marketing in South Korea


South Korea is well known in today's society for its rapid economical growth. This is due to the country's cultural standing and rapid integration of technology. In addition, this is a consequence of extremely innovative marketing. With a population of around 53 million people in South Korea, companies and organizations have to compete against each other and share the market. High competition leads to higher costs for branding and marketing.

With the help of this survey, we want to find out Your opinion on marketing culture in South Korea. Please fill in the survey down below. Thank you!

Would you agree that it's hard for a foreign brand to enter the South Korean market? Why do you think so?
Yes, I agree because their marketing level is very much developed that they don’t need foreign brands
because every country has their best brand to use and it would be new to the ground
Yes , Because its so aesthethic
Koreans are not likely to try someting new, they choose something that is already popular ir the society or among their friends.
yes, because koreans only trust their own country products and well knows and established brands
They have their own style and share of trends that’s hard to change or overthrow. You can try to fit in though, making products that are relevant and eye catching
Yes, because korean marked brands are huge it self
It's easy, because most people choose cheaper products and would like to get from "Western world"
Don't know
I wouldn't think so, because South Korea has been a democratic capitalist country since the 1950s, whilist also having a large population in a very small area, making it the perfect target for foreign investors and corporations.
It really depends on the region where that foreign brand is located. It's obvious that east asian countries have much more opportunities to enter the South Korea's market, because of cultural similarities than the western ones. However i think that South Korea has really strongly based local brands so it's hard even for other east asian brands to enter the market.
To me it seems that well known brands are popular in South Korea which means that it depends on the brand itself if it's going to enter South Korean market or not.
Yes, because South Korea has a huge market already and their own brands so there is a huge concurrency.
I would agree.
I think yes, because they have different strategies than foreign countried
no, because S.Korea are open to innovation
I think it is hard for foreign brands, because their products are based on their culture. People of Korea probably won't apreciate some other culture.
Yes, because they already establihed their brands and consumers got used to that.