Spread of information and public's reaction to the Ukraine-Russia conflict on social media

What opinions do you mostly see on social media regarding this conflict?

  1. Hate on Russia, big support on Ukraine
  2. Negative
  3. Russia is the aggressor, inhuman cruelty, various aid to Ukraine, the issue of refugees. The care and help of the whole world. European aid to Ukraine and joining NATO.
  4. That ukranians are lazy and whant everithing for free
  5. I often hear that russian soldiers are killing innocent citizens
  6. Against the war
  7. Prowestern and prorussia, proukrainian are missing because for ukrainians the best thing would be to end the conflict asap.
  8. That ukranians are the only ones who suffered form russian opression
  9. Russia being a terrorist state and Ukraine pushing back as of lately.
  10. That Ukraine does nothing wrong and ruzzia does all wrong. And the hopes that Ukraine will win! I hope they do.